Warranty – Jersey Boards are warrantied for 30 days for manufacturing defects ONLY! If you curb it or crack it doing a sick no comply or fast plant or boneless or any other high impact maneuver, this is NOT a warranty situation. Use your head, if you broke it moving a couch or doing a 4 foot drop off a loading dock, you know that the board is not designed to do that.  Please contact us at: customerservice@jerseyskateboards.com for any possible warranty situations.

Safe Skating – we at Jersey Boards recommend safe skating at all times. Wear your helmet! No one likes a drooling invalid. Wear pads, you’ll thank me when you get older and you’ll be less likely to wake up stuck to your sheets with road rash. Learn how to control your board before you go bombing the biggest hill in your neighborhood. Learn how to foot brake – YouTube is your friend here. Learn how to slide, again watch a vid or two. Start part of the way up the hill at first till you become comfortable with the speed and terrain. Then start off a little further up the hill as you become more comfortable. Watch out for cars and dogs and cats and ostriches and wolverines and moms with babies and old people at their mailboxes and junky pavement and nuclear fallout and acorns. Basically keep alert to anything that you might spook or that could cause you to crash. Skateboarding is a dangerous activity which can result in injury or death. Jersey Boards is in no way responsible for any injuries or damage that might occur to you or in any periphery to you while using our product. Please be careful out there, we want you skating for a long time!